Soil Test Direct Soil EC Tester
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Soil Test Direct Soil EC Tester

The HI98331 Soil Test™ is a pocket tester specifically designed to directly measure soil conductivity (EC) and temperature.

With a compact size, single button operation, and automatic calibration, Soil Test is an excellent choice for taking direct conductivity measurements in soil..

  • No need for soil slurries with the steel penetration electrode.
  • With an integrated temperature sensor, measurements are automatically temperature compensated for accurate readings.
  • Great for environmental and agricultural testing.
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Measure the Bulk EC of Your Soil with a Soil Conductivty Test

Bulk electrical conductivity of soil measures the total conductivity. Total conductivity includes the EC of the soil, air, and moisture in your sample. All these things carry charged ions that would read as EC. This reading is very useful; you can calculate your pore water conductivity and saturated extract conductivity from the result. You would need to know your water content to perform that calculation (how much water there is in your soil).

How To Measure the Bulk EC with your Direct Soil EC Meter

  1. Pick your testing location.
  2. Rinse the testing probe with deionized water, and make sure it is dry.
  3. Check the soil and ensure that the soil is moist.
  4. Use a ruler or auger to make a hole in the soil. This keeps the testing depth consistent.
  5. Insert your soil conductivity tester directly into the soil, and take your measurement.