Lighting Reflectors

Reflectors are a great way to direct light emminating from an HID or LED toward the growing conopy. Having the ability to control and direct light over the given grow space is a necessary tool for gardeners. If a grower needs to spread the light out over a large space or concentrate it down far into a deep canopy, these are the advantages different types of reflectors. Using an air-cooled reflector gives a grower the ability to take heat created by the bulb/lamp away from and out of the garden. These types of relectors can be a necessary tool in controlling the gardens temperature. We carry a wide range of choices for any type pf grower.

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3838 AC/DE® Air-Cooled Double-Ended Reflector 8"
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  • $299.95
2355 Yield Master 8 in A/C Relfector
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  • $121.95
0297 White Wing CFL Reflector
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  • $54.95
1423 Yield Master 6" A/C Reflector
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  • $119.95
3147 Raptor 8" A/C Reflector
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  • $249.95
0733 Socket Assembly w/ 15 ft. Cord
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  • $37.95